Sexy Short Stories

This section is a hub for all the sexy short stories I’ve written on this blog, to date. Every now and then, I get an idea for a story that’s not big enough for a full-fledged novel, but still worth telling. These are the kinds of sexy stories you can read on a lunch break, a bus ride, or whenever you’re in the mood for something sexy, yet concise.

I still intend to dedicate the bulk of my sexy storytelling to my novels. Those bigger stories are part of a larger, sexier package. As such, consider these short story the erotica/romance equivalent of free samples. If you enjoy these narrative quickies, then you’ll probably enjoy my novels, as well. If you really like these short stories and want to encourage more, then consider making a donation.

As always, I encourage everyone to provide feedback on these short stories, as well as my novels. I seek to make every story I write as sexy and as high-quality as possible. Any feedback that helps me improve is greatly appreciated. I look forward to sharing all sorts of intimate tales on this site. Enjoy!

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